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 Renaissance Academy

Motto:"Affecting change through Art and Godly Principles"

P.O. Box N-4393

Telephone:(242)361-8309 or (242) 395-7793




Email: renaissanceacademybahamas@yahoo.com


http://www.freewebs.com/renaissanceacademybahamas/06 This Little Light (Featuring Ali).mp3

R enaissance—“the awakening of new interests in the old classics, a rebirth, a wider horizon of curiosity and growth of the spirit" 

 Here at Renaissance Academy, there is a fresh realization of interest and beauty in the world of Art and Education.  We feel that the demands of life goes far beyond the already known.  We seek to inspire the natural ability of your child through academic enthusiasm and fostered spirituality.

Renaissance Academy nurtures an all around development for students.  It  encourages an intellectual revolt against the rigid rules and traditions of all times.

We are a small environment, which allows for one on one tutoring where students are motivated to take advantage of their learning environment. No child is allowed to go unnoticed.

If there are weaknesses, they addressed.  If there are advance students, they are encouraged.  The student—teacher ratio is at maximum, ten to one.   Along with the basic core subjects we offer an extended curriculum including: Music, Art, Creole, French, and Spanish which are all compulsory.

Each student is as a result, exposed to increased learning and varied cultures.  We are proud to be established as the first art school in the Bahamas. 

It is our objective to expose our students consistently to national and international artists.

We welcome you to take advantage of our facilities!

Opportunities for gifted students

Students who have outstanding academic abilities and talents are not limited to class challenges.  They are instructed at their individual levels. 

In the academic year of 2003-2004 Eduardo Fernander, a grade seven student with outstanding artistic ability, sat the Bahamas Junior Certificate in Art.  He passed.  In addition, our fourth grade student, Davielle Whymns, sat two Bahamas Junior Certificates and passed in Art and Social Studies.  Although the school does not offer courses in computer, classes are fully integrated with the computers, and students have access to the lab as frequent as possible.

Uniform Enforment 

Each students will be inspected for uniform compliance prior to entering the classroom.  This includes P.E. uniform.  For students who are not in compliance, appropriate disciplinary action will be enforced by school’s facilitator.

Disrespect for the school’s rules will not be entertained and serious offences will be dealt with accordingly.  We take pride in our small atmosphere and enforce the same.  Uniform shirts can be purchased from the school.

Dress code for male students

·          Shirts: purple or beige golf shirts

·          Pants: Khaki, long


·          Shirts: purple or beige golf shirts

·          Pants: Khaki, long

·          Socks: Black, Tan, Brown

          Shoes: Black, Tan, Brown


Dress code for female students


·          Shirts: purple or beige shirts

·          Skirt: Khaki,

·          Socks: Black, Tan

          Shoes: Black, Tan, Brown




·          Exam  $30.00

·          Registration  $50.00

·          Insurance (one year)  $20.00

·          Identification Badge  $ 15.00

·          DVD fee  $500.00

NB: When registering the following must be presented:

immunization records, birth certificate, two (2)

passport photos, medical certificate and transcript from

previous school.

P.E. kits and art supplies can also be purchased from the

school for a total of $100.00


School fee for the year 2010-2011 - Per term

Pre school: $450.00

Primary school:$500.00                                                             

Grades 7-9: $740.00

Grades 10-12: $760.00

Term 1 August 31st-November 22nd

Term 2 November 23rd- March 7th

Term 3 March 8th-May 31st

* All tuition due on highlighted dates



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